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E59: The Evolution of Crypto Exchanges - Alex Chizhik Interview | Head of Listings at OkCoin

May 14, 2022

Alex Chizhik is the Head of Listings & Community at OkCoin. His job is to list only the best crypto assests to create a great experience for OkCoin users. In this conversation we cover: The Ukraine-Russian war and crypto's …

E58: Weekly Update - CityCoins Protocol Upgrade, ALEX, RoundlyX, Stacks Miner Upgrade, Megapont + Moonbirds

May 11, 2022

The market is tanking, Luna might go to zero, It's hard days for crypto. But Stacks builders continue to persevere and build the future on Bitcoin applications. This week we cover news from ALEX, NeoSwap, CityCoins, Mega…

E57: Creating a Bitcoin / Crypto Wallet for Families - Kelley Cambry (Co-Founder & CEO of Wallio)

May 3, 2022

Once you go down the crypto rabbithole. It's hard to see the world the same way. But how do you entice your friends and family to go down this complicated path? Kelley and her team at Wallio are working on a solution that…

E56: Bringing Your Favorite Assets to Every Chain - Interview with Will Binns - Cryptonautics at Wrapped

April 30, 2022

Wrapped assets allow different tokens to be ported to other chains and used in new and interesting ways. Will and the team at Wrapped are leading the way in this area. Topics we cover: -What is the benefit to wrapping a…

This Week In Stacks

E55: Weekly Update - Stacks Founders Lab, Stacks Ventures Cohort 2, Megapont, CityCoins, Grants Program, KYVE, ALEX

April 28, 2022

So much this week in Stacks! I'll update this description with more indepth info tomorrow. For now, I wanted to get this video up for your ears and eyes to enjoy. -Jake

E54: Building Protocols to Unleash Bitcoin on Stacks - Hank & Jeff (Co-Founders of Mechanism) Built on Bitcoin

April 22, 2022

What is Mechanism? The new entity in Stacks whose mission is to grow the GDP of Bitcoin? Listen in on this wide-ranging conversation with the two co-founders of Mechanism, Hank and Jeff as we explore their vision for the fu…