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Bob, Built on bitcoin

Jake, you need a self-sustaining Bob coin and IDO Launch on app.alexlab.co to launch a “Built on bitcoin” decentralized and user rewarded media empire PoX fund.

Great convos with Jake

Big fan of Jake. He knows the ecosystem and technical aspects as good as anyone on stacks. LFG🚀

Best Podcast on Bitcoin Innovation

This is the premier podcast if you want to learn about bleeding edge innovation on Bitcoin. Jake—who’s hilarious and a great podcast host—provides great recaps on the Stacks—the most innovative project on Bitcoin—ecosystem and interviews top Stacks founders. You don’t want to miss his episodes.


One of my new fav podcasts!$

THE podcast for all things Bitcoin, Stacks and CityCoins

The host Jake Blockchain shares the latest happenings in the BTC/Stacks space; interviews amazing guests; and provides keen insights into web3.

Get to know the Stacks ecosystem in depth

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the growing Stacks community and ecosystem, this podcast is perfect. The host, Jake, is knowledgeable on all things Stacks, has access to all the key players in the space and brings a fun casual vibe to the interview. Definitely worth subscribing for anyone who’s a fan of or curious about Stacks.

Stay updated

One of the best podcast exploring all things crypto. Love the guest and topics are on point. Keep them coming!

Incredible Web3 meets Bitcoin podcast!

I’m a big believer in the future of Bitcoin, and I think that Stacks (as programmable smart contracts) is doing an amazing job of building apps, NFTs and DeFi on Bitcoin. This is the only podcast I know of with coverage of the Stacks/Bitcoin eco-system from an innovation perspective. Jake’s a great host! He keeps it light and fun, but also educational. I’ve learned a ton about CityCoins/MiamiCoin, Syvita mining, and all new projects, and I’m super grateful to Jake! A must listen if you’re into Web3 and crypto.