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Sept. 22, 2021

Alla Koretsky Interview - CEO of Layer - Allow Anyone to Mint & Sell NFTs

Alla Koretsky is the CEO of Layer.
Layer is changing the game and giving all creators the tools to create their own NFT businesses.
A simple dropbox-style interface, Creating an NFT is as easy as "Right Click & Mint", and custom storefronts to sell your newly minted art on that can be purchased with crypto OR USD.

What we talk about:
[0:00] Intro
[1:05] Alla's Background 
[3:03] How Layer was founded
[4:40] Layer finding their product-market fit
[6:12] Building on Bitcoin
[6:43] Entering Stacks Accelerator
[7:22] Pain Points from Creatives & Businesses
[9:36] How to think about NFTs / Brand Strategy 
[14:00] Owning your own storefront is key
[15:36] What is an NFT?
[18:05] SatoSHE Project
[20:52] Where to learn more about Layer & Alla

Follow Alla on Twitter @AllaKor1 &
Follow Layer @HeyLayer


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