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Aug. 4, 2022

Stacks TL:DR - This week in Stacks - August 3rd, 2022

Stacks TL:DR - This week in Stacks - August 3rd, 2022



  • Web3 education platform - Pointer.GG adds Clarity tutorial
  • NFT Marketplace Byzantion hires new senior software engineer
  • Gamma releases new creator tools
  • New central place for all Stacks news at Stacks.co/blog
  • Hiro Smart Contract of the Month (Send-Many-Memo)
  • New code templates for devs to connect their Clarity contracts with Stacks.JS Starters
  • Demo of how NFT's will interact with a Hyperchain (Being renamed to Subnets)
  • Stacks Explorer now shows the Bitcoin<>Stacks block connection
  • New content from Stacks podcasters from Airdrop show, Stacker Chats and myself.

    You know I'm here to spread the good word of Stacks. This is for those of you who want to stay updated on the latest happenings in a quick, concise fashion. 
    If audio on the go is more your jam, Listen to the podcast version here.

What happened this week

      Pointer.GG released a new tutorial teaching devs Clarity. If you're not familiar with Pointer, Their tagline reads "Learn Web3 development, Earn crypto rewards", and that's exactly what they do. They teach you the basics while building a real-world use-case.
In this Clarity tutorial, you create your own fungible token and then build a DEX to exchange your token on. If you get it now, You can win some sweet STX tokens for your effort.

    .  Byzantion, one of the largest NFT marketplaces on Stacks announced a new big hire to fill out the engineering team.  Oleg Agafonov has been brought on as Senior Software Engineer to help build the back-end infrastructure.  Oleg previously worked at SIP3.io managing high throughput data systems. 

       Gamma, The other big NFT marketplace on Stacks announced some big updates to their suite of creator tools. Now users can do the following:

  • See any smart contracts associated with your wallet address. When you navigate to https://create.gamma.io/manage and are logged in, You'll see any contracts that have been deployed from your wallet address.
  • Quick access to common NFT functions like Airdropping tokens to a whitelist and pausing mint.
  • Improved the process to add NFTs to a continuous collection has been streamlined.
  • Auctions page has been totally revamped and streamlined to see everything in a glance.
  • Advanced users can call all functions associated with the contract on Gamma, AND share links to work collaboratively with auto-updating links


       There's a new blog on the block. You can head over to Stacks.co/blog and stay updated with direct links to everything happening around the Stacks ecosystem.

       Joseph Bender, Community Manager at Hiro Systems has started a new series called "Hiro Smart Contract of the Month".  In it, he covers a popular smart contract from the last month, goes into some of the Clarity code, and breaks down how it works.
This month he covered the "Send-Many-Memo", An essential smart contract that makes it easy to sent token transfers to multiple people in a single transaction. Watch the video here.

       Stacks.JS Starters, What is that? When you're coding in Clarity or javascript in the back-end (stuff you can't see on a website). You need a way to connect and interact with it on a website or apps front-end (the stuff you click). Stacks.JS Starters gives you some starter templates to work from and get your application up and running quicker.

       Also from Hiro is a video on Hyperchains *side note* Looks like the name Hyperchains is copyrighted and will likely revert back to Subnets, TBD.
Regardless, Pavitthra Pandurangan - Distributed Systems Engineer at Hiro recorded a video showcasing how an NFT will interact with a Hyperchain.  It's pretty interesting if you want to get into the weeds of how this will work. Video here.

        The Stacks Explorer has a new feature.
When you scroll to the bottom of a transaction currently in a microblock. You'll see a graphic that shows what Bitcoin and Stacks block that transaction resides in, as well as the last two blocks in the chain. You can click on any of those corresponding blocks and it will give you a deeper look. Pretty cool to see the Stacks<>Bitcoin connection so tangibly. Hopefully this comes to all areas of the Stacks explorer soon.

       Last but not least this week, We have an array of new content for your listening pleasure from creators around Stacks.

  • Airdrop Show interviewed Jessica Greenwalt.
    Jessica is a Creative Director at Vayner3, A web3-focused arm of Gary Vaynerchuk's company, VaynerMedia. She is also a talented artist and released a few collections on Stacks via Gamma and Layer. Check out the interview here.
  • Gina Abrams and Muneeb Ali are still going strong with Stacker Chats.
    This week they covered the news of Dan Held joining Trust Machines as a marketing partner, and what some of the plans are for the future of marketing Bitcoin as a hub of innovation. Check it out here.
  • Finally, I had an excellent conversation with Chan Ahn.
    Chan is the CTO of ALEX. It was eye-opening to hear his take on Bitcoin and how these new paradigms of decentralized, trust-less money and networks can change everything. We also discuss how to hire a rockstar team, and much more. Click the image below to listen to the full interview.




That's it for this week!

I love yall!